Three Things That Can Clog Gutters

Gutters are meant to divert water away from a person’s home. Rain runs down metal, shingle, or tile roofs, lands in the channels, hits the downspouts, and gets delivered to other locations.

However, when gutters are left open with no protection, they can become clogged over time by various items.

This post will take a look at several of them a little later on. However, before moving on, we will discuss mesh gutter guards and how they prevent stoppages.

There are plenty of gutter guards on the market today. Some of the most well-known kinds include…

• Drop-In Screens
• Slotted Products
• Hooded/Helmet Style Covers
• Perforated Tops
• Foam Inserts

People who purchase these units are often left feeling like they flushed their hard-earned money down the drain, though. Why? Well, the devices do not tend to stop stuff from accumulating in their gutters, causing them to become clogged. They have to get out their ladders and clean the channels to ensure rainwater can flow freely through them. Our mesh gutter guards keep out all debris, which eliminates such problems. In fact, we are so sure of it that clients receive a Lifetime 100% Money-Back, No-Clog Guarantee.

These mesh gutter guards require little to no maintenance. That is a massive draw for lots of homeowners. They also handle the heaviest of rainfalls at over 150-inches per hour.

Now that all of that good stuff is out of the way let’s move forward and talk about…

Debris That Can Clog Your Gutters

1. Leaves

Many people enjoy having trees above their homes. The branches provide the structures with shade and keep them cool during the summer. However, when fall rolls around, leaves fall off of those trees and hit their roofs. They then get blown into open gutters, and you guessed it, the channels get clogged.

2. Pine Needles

Much like leaves, pine needles also land on roofs after falling from branches. They sometimes fall in clusters, though, rather than one at a time. Thus, they can stop gutters up in a hurry. If your house is below pine trees, consider installing gutter guards to keep such issues at bay.

3. Foreign Objects

Do your kids like throwing balls onto the roof and catching them on the way back down? If so, you could be in for a bit of a surprise with open gutters. Smaller baseballs, bouncy balls, and tennis balls can get stuck in the channels. They prevent rain from flowing through them as they should and cause problems.

Consider a gutter guard installation to prevent yourself from having to climb up and retrieve the toys.



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