The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Gutter Guards

If you find yourself having to clean the gutters two to three times a year, maybe you need to look for a better way of maintaining your gutter system. Gutter guards may be the solution for homeowners whose gutters need cleaning two to three times every year.

But before investing in gutter guards, it’s crucial to know about them–the different types of gutter guard protection, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a breakdown of different gutter protection systems and their pros and cons:

1. Bottle Brush Guards

Brush gutter guards resemble a very long bottle brush that fits inside your gutters. They are made up of heavy-duty bristles that stand in an upright position to filter out leaves and other large debris while allowing rainwater to pass through your gutters.


  • It’s a DIY type of installation


  • Small debris may get caught in the bristles
  • Leaves collect behind the projecting bristles
  • Involves too much hassle while cleaning

2. Foam Gutter Guards

These types of gutter guards are easy to fit into your gutters since they are available in flexible lengths of coarse polyether or polyurethane foam. They have pores similar to mesh guards that work to block all debris but water from penetrating the gutter. Foam gutter guards are cheap and easy to install, but they are not durable. They will need frequent replacement.


  • They are not expensive
  • Easy for DIY installation


  • Frequently need replacement
  • Seedlings may grow inside foam guards and damage your gutters
  • Debris tends to pile up in them
  • Some foam guards may be fire hazards
  • They have to be taken out and reinstalled afterward whenever you want to clean your gutters

3. Perforated Metal Guards

Perforated metal gutter guards are made from aluminum or steel and shaped like a screen that can be fit on top of the gutters. They are lightweight and relatively easy to install.


  • Relatively easy to install as a DIY project
  • They are inexpensive and lightweight


  • Smaller debris easily makes its way through this guard
  • They can blow off your gutters during storms or in windy conditions
  • Easily clogged
  • Require too much maintenance

4. Reverse-Curve Guards

Also known as surface tension guards, they are designed to move rainwater around the edge of the nose and into the gutter using surface tension while leaves and other debris fall over the curved edge and onto the ground. They are bulky and require a technician for installation.


  • Comes with a warranty
  • Relatively easy to install


  • Too bulky
  • Installation may void your roof warranty as it requires lifting roof shingles
  • It reduces your home’s curb appeal
  • Costly to install
  • They are not as effective as they should be
  • Clogs can form when debris accumulate in the openings
  • It may invite pests such as wasps or bees due to the openings

5. Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards

Micro-mesh guards are the best gutter protection for any type of roofing system, thanks to the thousands of minute holes that keep out even the smallest debris while allowing water to penetrate. The holes are as tiny as 50 microns in diameter and are barely visible to the naked eye. Micro mesh gutter guards easily fit on top of your gutters and look like metal plates.


  • They are the best gutter protection according to consumers
  • They are maintenance-free and reliable
  • Mesh guards are a durable
  • They offer a permanent solution to blocked gutters
  • They are installed professionally, so they work well for many years
  • They come with a warranty
  • High-end design and construction
  • Bale to keep out fine debris


  • Difficult to install as a do-it-yourself project. They require professional installation

The Verdict?

If you haven’t figured it by now, micro-mesh gutter guards are a favorite in the gutter industry, and for a good reason. They are practical, have a solid construction that makes them durable, and a really excellent investment overall.

Besides, micro-mesh guards can also withstand the test of time, so you should be confident that they will work well for many years to come. No matter your needs – commercial or residential – if you are considering investing in a gutter protection system, micro-mesh guards are an ideal option. Property owners and contractors searching for top-tier gutter guards will appreciate what micro-mesh gutter guards have to offer.



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